MagnaFuel Super Series Bonus Program Winners - Aug. 17

by Bri Bandimere Herman | Aug 21, 2019

Bonus Program Winners from the MagnaFuel Super Series Event on August 17th


Branting Industries, your remanufactured converters specialist, wants to make a dead-on run buy some cash. The racer who, in Super Comp, Super Gas, and Super Street, runs closest to their respective index in the final time trial/qualifying session during the series events will score the “Dead-on” Run Bonus and receive a $50.00 cash bonus. 

SC Bill Percival 9.503
SG Kerry Willuweit 10.510
SST Timothy Schell 11.500


The racer with the best losing package during eliminations in Super Street, Super Gas, and Super Comp at each of the MagnaFuel Super Series events will receive the Peterson Fluids Bad Best $100.00 bonus. To be eligible for the bonus, participants must display the Peterson Fluid Systems contingency decal on both sides of the vehicle. Drivers eligible:

SC Kami Nicoletti .017/9.510 (9.50) Round 1
SG Kerry Willuweit .027/10.495 (10.50) Round 2
SST Pat Haberkorn .008/11.519 (11.50) Round 2


Cummins will sponsor the Cummins Super Series Bounty Bonus in all the Super class events. The racer who, in Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Stock/Super Stock, and Super Rod, beats the current points leader in the respective class will receive a $50.00 cash bonus sponsored by Cummins. If the current points leader wins the event, he/she would earn the bounty bonus. The points leaders were: Kris Whitfield (Super Comp), Dennis Hay (Super Gas), Michael Condon (Super Street), Scott Burton (Stock/Super Stock Combo), and Matt Crist (Super Rod).

SC Kris Whitfield – won event
SG Dennis Hay – won event
SST Jason Schade – beat Condon (round two)
S/SS Bob Reinhardt – beat Burton (round one)
SR Lisa Hill – beat Crist (round three)